Packed Produce


About Packed Produce

Packed Produce Inc. provides food distributors, grocers, schools, hospitals, and food home delivery companies a range of hand packing services to offer beautiful fresh produce in right sized packages to their customers. Packed Produce tracks all product back to its origin so we may offer customers reliable traceability from farm to the shelf. Packed Produce buys just the freshest produce in bulk from the best suppliers then breaks down whole cases to presort, hand select, and repack only the highest quality produce. We pledge to you 100% yield.

Whenever possible Packed Produce uses eco-friendly containers and packs to serve the environment. Packed Produce is committed to running a sustainable operation with the highest level of customer focused service to deliver the freshest produce to the table. Packed Produce aspires to the make the lowest impact on the environment and partner with like minded companies to move high quality organic and conventional produce through the cycle of food service sustainability.

Packed is proud to Reuse, Recycle, and Reinvigorate the environment!

We Compost - Illinois Food Scrap Coalition

Packed Produce is an IFSC Compostor

Indiana Certified Organic

Packed Produce is ICO certified organic produce handler.